Sebestian A. Ong

Fitness and  Motivation  Coach

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Teaching group fitness has inspired me to help others and motivate them to achieve their own individual success stories.


I have been teaching Les Mills Group Fitness Programmes for over 12 years. I also teach my own programmes in dance,  aerobics, ballet, yoga, and bespoke programmes to suit the audience.


I have trained with Les Mills and the Joffrey Ballet School, and am a fully certified and qualified trainer. I also have attended classes in modern dance, and choreography, both in Singapore and in Switzerland at the Zurich Academy of Dance.


I spent a year in 2010 to embed myself into European Culture,  studying German though intensive language courses and attending the Swiss Academy of Fitness and Sports programs to understand the differences in managing groups for Exercise processes. I can deliver my programmes  in German (also CH-D), English, and Mandarin.


I use group exercise as a team building and bonding process, helping executives and senior management improve communication and team work, through coordination and cohesive focus.


If you are interested in building your team, and taking them to a level of excellence in their roles, contact me and allow me the opportunity to develop a bespoke programme for your people.


My services can be tailored and designed as follows:


I  manage my customers’ requirements: by matching instructors .

to support the customer profile; defining scope of courses; development of pricing models; delivery of the programme.


I provide business and large multinationals with team building and team bonding techniques, using both physical and mental techniques to aid in the development of their Human Capital.


I can provide services of high quality and uniqueness to customers on a one-to-one base through the use of group fitness exercises and programmes across most of the fitness centres in the Zürich Area: Silhouette, David’s Gym, Activ Fitness, to name a few.


In Singapore I worked with Singapore Sports Council to develop programmes aligned with Les Mills - in fact I was uniquely privileged by Les Mills to provide this type of program - to support the increasing need to aerobic based group exercise to improve both physical and mental health in Singaporean Children. It was and proves to be a great success, and was repeatedly awarded concession by the SSC.


I have also undergone specialised development towards training instructors for various Les Mills Programs, thus leading the way to representing Les Mills Products for Switzerland, and potentially other countries.


Contact me if you are interested in using my services for your people in your business, or want to attend any of my classes.



fitness on demandTM 

Exercising the right to dream big!


我的未来不是梦 之 我的梦想王国


世上没有完美的梦想,但我们可以把梦想变得完美。这就是梦想背后的 推动力。就凭着这般信念,王锦荣在二十五岁的时候决定把自己的兴趣 与梦想创造成一番事业。在本期的专访里,锦荣与我们分享创业这条路 上的苦与乐。


原本只是出自于兴趣的他,在当了两年的健身教练后,决定创造他的梦 想王国,为他所爱的健身运动增添另一份意义。原本的健身公司结束 后,他建立了Infitness - 一个专门为员工以及学生们主办集体运动的 健身公司。对他而言这不仅仅是个健身公司,是他实现想要把健身的意 处传达给更多人的梦想。



的人并且和他们分享我在这方面的知识, 再从中用有趣的集体运动的方式帮助她们达到健康的身

心。 ”这就是使他梦想背后的推动力。

Adeline Tan Kim Wen

NTU - Singapore October, 2007

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